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If there is something you like but it isn't offered in your choice of color, let me know and I will be glad to work with you to get it made in your custom colors.

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Bluebird Gardens Custom Quilts & Gifts made just for you

Products: Custom quilts, handmade quilts for sale, embroidered kitchen towels,  baby quilts, vintage quilts, home décor collectibles,  personalized gifts, throws, quilt wall hanging, recipe books, wood refinishing products,  personalized embroidery services, quilting services.

What began in 1998 as a weekend trip with my mother to help find quilts for a friend is now a custom gift business. We make custom quilts in hard-to-find patterns, exclusive patterns with the artist's permission, and unique patterns I design. We also specialize in modernizing old favorites, such as double wedding ring quilts and making quilts out of printed photos, mementos, clothing and other fabrics. Baby crib quilts have become harder to find so we offer a variety of baby quilts in those smaller sizes that can easily be personalized with a baby's name and birth date.

Handmade quilts for sale and ready-to-ship quilts are always available for you if you do not have the time for custom quilts. Please browse in our Shop.

Bluebird Gardens - Handmade

Bluebird Gardens Custom quilts, handmade quilts for sale, ready to ship quilts, baby quilts, vintage quilts, home decor, collectibles, gifts, throws, recipes, wood refinishing, handmade and personalized services.

Handmade Gift Ideas

Sometimes coming up with your own handmade gift ideas can be challenging. Even with all of the idea sources we have at our finger tips, it's hard to know which ones to trust will be easy to make and turn out well. In my blogs, I share not only my own tried and true gift ideas but ones I know are easy to make and well-received so join me to get started on making your gifts special.



Made Just For U

We grew up making handmade gifts for each other. Half of the fun of making handmade gifts is the planning, plotting, hiding, giggling - all of the energy that goes into the process.

Sometimes a handmade gift is the only way someone will get an item that comes with built-in memories. It can be as simple as making something in a person's favorite color to including their photo, or name. There is something very considerate about making a gift especially for someone.

You will find more handmade gift ideas and meet some of our wonderful customers at my blog Made Just for U.



Gifts From My Kitchen

We also grew up cooking together. Part of it was being frugal; the other part was having fun doing something together. Sometimes we could claim it was a meal. Other times, it was either a disaster waiting to happen, or a life experience we would never forget.

Today I still enjoy cooking only now I am more focused on healthy eating. What better gift to give loved ones than a delicious, healthy meal.

You will find notes on my culinary adventures, including recipes and kitchen gift ideas, at my recipe diary - A Teaspoon.



It's hard to enjoy cooking and not have a special connection with a garden.

My one-acre, chemical-free wildlife garden on a Missouri limestone hill includes several raised beds for vegetables and herbs. Scattered throughout my garden are compact dwarf fruit trees and bushes keeping my edible flowers company. As a certified master gardener, I focus on ways to garden that are easy and kind to the environment.

I find a number of gift ideas in my garden, as well as inspiration for our custom quilts and other gifts.

Join me at my blog Gardening Charlotte to pick up gardening tips and garden gift ideas.



Home Sweet Bees
Part of my gardening adventures have included adding honeybees to my wildlife garden. Bees pollinate one out of every three bites of food we eat, not to mention what their matchmaking services do for a garden's overall ecosystem health.

Being a beekeeper is fascinating, and constantly evolving. I learn so much being on the Missouri State Beekeepers Association board as well as through lectures, teaching beekeeping classes and hosting a local bee club.

My honeybees are happy enough to make extra honey, which I'm also glad to share.

You can learn more about beekeeping and honey at my blog - Home Sweet Bees.

Pretty As A Picture

In a rush to make something quick for a handmade gift?

If you don't know at all what to make or give, think framed photos. Select photos that are action-oriented, capturing someone doing something special, or in an unposed moment.

Shop for a variety of different frames in the same color scheme or paint frames in the same color.

Remember, It IS the Thought That Counts!