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If there is something you like but it isn't offered in your choice of color, let me know and I will be glad to work with you to get it made in your custom colors.

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Bluebird Gardens Custom Quilts & Gifts made just for you

Products: Custom quilts, handmade quilts for sale, embroidered kitchen towels,  baby quilts, vintage quilts, home décor collectibles,  personalized gifts, throws, quilt wall hanging, recipe books, wood refinishing products,  personalized embroidery services, quilting services.

What began in 1998 as a weekend trip with my mother to help find quilts for a friend is now a custom gift business. We make custom quilts in hard-to-find patterns, exclusive patterns with the artist's permission, and unique patterns I design. We also specialize in modernizing old favorites, such as double wedding ring quilts and making quilts out of printed photos, mementos, clothing and other fabrics. Baby crib quilts have become harder to find so we offer a variety of baby quilts in those smaller sizes that can easily be personalized with a baby's name and birth date.

Handmade quilts for sale and ready-to-ship quilts are always available for you if you do not have the time for custom quilts. Please browse in our Shop.

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Bluebird Gardens Story

Bluebird Gardens Custom quilts, handmade quilts for sale, ready to ship quilts, baby quilts, vintage quilts, home decor, collectibles, custom gifts, handmade dish towels, throws, recipes, wood refinishing, handmade and personalized services.

"Our Missouri-based company is an extension of how we grew up, making gifts, cooking with local produce, re-purposing antiques, growing a garden, and helping one another." -- Charlotte

Bluebird Gardens Story

Bluebird Gardens' Charlotte Ekker Wiggins

Bluebird Gardens' Charlotte Ekker Wiggins

Hi, I'm Charlotte, founder of Bluebird Gardens. I started Bluebird Gardens LLC in 1998, before the big online retailing boom, to help friends with their gift-giving. Since then, we have made literally thousands of personalized handmade quilts and gifts. From museum-quality art quilts to interior designers, ecstatic grandparents, and "non-handy" husbands wanting to surprise wives and daughters, we have been honored to help you find, and make, gifts that reflect your aesthetic and loving spirit.

Why Handmade Quilts?

Handmade quilts are both practical and decorative, their presence an easy reminder of the memories they preserve. Handmade quilts are also warm and reassuring, reminiscent of hugs for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Handmade quilts can also be used as wall-hangings, adding a unique focal point to any room. I like to think we specialize in re-purposing memories, making handmade custom quilts from clothing, printed photos and mementos, as well as recycling precious items into handmade quilts, lap quilt throws and throw pillows.

Not sure it can be made into a handmade quilt? Tell me what kind of custom quilt you want and I will be glad to discuss options. We also make ready to ship baby quilts, lap quilt throws and handmade quilts and carry good quality imported options.

Custom and Unique Gifts, Too

A few years after I started Bluebird Gardens LLC, a New York interior designer asked me to help her with her annual gift list. That launched us into combining unique, vintage items with new - our vintage sewing baskets with favorite or hard to find items have been a mother's day gift favorite. Since I enjoy treasure-hunting, we also have one of a kind vintage jewelry and who doesn't like something fun for their kitchen, where love is shared through home cooking. We make vintage-inspired dish towels and have an eclectic collection of recipe books. These are all items I love to make and give myself.

Running out of time? You can also thank our New York customer, she inspired us to gift-wrap and ship for our customers. Don't forget to tell us what you want on the gift card, sometimes that's what takes the most time. We also carry my own favorite beeswax-based, made in USA Howard Furniture Care and Refinishing products, which have nurtured our family furniture for years and make great housewarming gifts.

Check My Blogs for Inspiration

To help you get inspired, I have 4 blogs featuring some of my favorite things:

Made Just 4 You features memorable gifts such as handmade quilts, gift flowers and easy home decor ideas;

A Teaspoon is my healthy-eating diary, featuring easy recipes, food facts and food fun.

Gardening Charlotte captures my gardening adventures including how I am trying to adapt to our changing environment and  

Home Sweet Bees features my Missouri apiary, it's all about beekeeping, honeybees and honey.

Sign Up for Garden Notes

In answer to requests, I have started Garden Notes, a mostly weekly email about gardening, beekeeping, cooking and gift-making to inspire you.

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Bluebird Gardens Foundation

Proceeds from our sales benefit the Bluebird Gardens Foundation, sponsors of several non-profits including:

Phelps County Humane Society, currently helping to raise funds for a new animal shelter; 

Rolla Bee Club, Inc. beekeepers learning how to keep bees and

From 2004-2017, Rolla Public Relations Club, helping area public affairs and public relations professionals stay connected.

 In 2016, I was also delighted to support my brother's 2016 Walleye Tank awards in Rochester, Minnesota - no sharks there, or so I hear - encouraging emerging entrepreneurs with business ideas.

Why the Name Bluebird Gardens?

Bluebird Gardens is located on Bluebird Lane in Rolla, Missouri USA and has a number of bluebirds, and honeybees, as regular residents.

Besides being Missouri's official state bird, bluebirds are also a sign of happiness, something I strive to bring website visitors and customers.

Thanks for Your Emails

We are thrilled when we hear back from a customer so thank you for telling us about your experience with Bluebird Gardens.

We also have a dozen or so specialists who help make some of the custom items we offer. They are proud of their work and I make sure they hear back from you, they love hearing your stories and comments. Thank you, it literally makes our day!

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