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What began in 1998 as a weekend trip with my mother to help find quilts for a friend is now a custom gift business. We make custom quilts in hard-to-find patterns, exclusive patterns with the artist's permission, and unique patterns I design. We also specialize in modernizing old favorites, such as double wedding ring quilts and making quilts out of printed photos, mementos, clothing and other fabrics. Baby crib quilts have become harder to find so we offer a variety of baby quilts in those smaller sizes that can easily be personalized with a baby's name and birth date.

Handmade quilts for sale and ready-to-ship quilts are always available for you if you do not have the time for custom quilts. Please browse in our Shop.

Bluebird Gardens - Quilt Sizes

Bluebird Gardens Custom quilts, handmade quilts for sale, ready to ship quilts, baby quilts, vintage quilts, home decor, collectibles, gifts, throws, recipes, wood refinishing, handmade and personalized services.

Handmade Quilt Sizes

What Size Handmade Quilts To Buy?

The kind of bed do you have, size and height of your mattress, if you have extra padding, whether you want quilts to cover pillows or you plan to use shams, and your personal preference for how far down the bed you want the quilt to fall all play into your best quilt size.

Measure Beds So You Know What Handmade Quilt Sizes You Need

Most beds, and therefore dust ruffles, are 14 inches from the ground, measuring from the top of the box spring and the bottom of the mattress to the floor. In photo, a quilt is covering the mattress. A patterned fabric is forming the 14-inch dust ruffle space between the bottom of the mattress and floor.

Some antique beds are higher so if in doubt, double check. Handmade quilt sizes can be standard but there are variations, depending on who and when they were made. Knowing the mattress and bed dimensions will help you find the right handmade quilt size regardless of who makes it.

Standard Bed Sizes

Let's start with basic bed sizes: (all sizes are given in inches)

  • Baby crib 31 x 52
  • Twin 39x75
  • Three quarter or day bed 48 x 75
  • Sofa bed regular 54 x 72
  • Sofa bed queen 60 x 74
  • Full or Double 54 x 75
  • Full extra long 54 x 80
  • Queen 60 x 80
  • Queen extra long 60 x 84
  • Eastern king 78 x 80
  • California king 72 x 84
  • Waterbed Single 48 x 84
  • Waterbed Queen 60 x 84
  • Waterbed King 72 x 84
  • Western king 72 x 84

Measure Bed and Extra Padding to Get the Right Handmade Quilt Sizes

To accurately measure your bed size, you need to measure both bed sides and the space across the stop.

For the width: Measure one side of the mattress, including any additional liner or other padding you may have (not counting the cat.) Multiply by two.

Then measure across once. Add them up. That's the number you will compare against the first number in handmade quilt sizes.

For the length: Now measure from top to bottom. It doesn't hurt to measure over your pillows if you plan for handmade quilts to fit over them. If you prefer the "pile of pillows over the quilts" look with shams, them measure the mattress straight. That's the second number you'll compare against handmade quilts sizes.

To Dust Ruffle or Not To Dust Ruffle

Handmade quilts normally cover just the bed mattress, which means it will require a dust ruffle, also called a bed skirt, to complete the whole look.

Do you want the handmade quilts to end at the bottom of the mattress like the vintage quilt, in the photo on the right, or do you prefer handmade quilts to cover most of the sides of the bed?

Older handmade quilts like the one in the photograph on the left usually cover just the mattress. Older quilts are also usually non-traditional sizes so make

sure to measure before buying or it may not fit your bed. Often older quilts are nice for focal points and home decor accent but they won't work well as bed coverings because of their odd sizing.

If you are getting a custom quilt made, measure your bed with any extra padding you have so you get the quilt made in the size that gives you the final look you want. If in doubt, go for a larger size.



Standard Handmade Quilt Sizes

Here are basic standard handmade quilt sizes handmade quilts and what to order if you want full bed coverage down the bed sides so you don't need a bed skirt or ruffle.

The first number is width, the second is length:

Now That's a Sham!

You found handmade quilts you like but not the right handmade quilt size so you're not getting the pillow coverage you need?

Quilt shams are pillow cases that match the quilt design. To quickly add texture to your home decor, look for quilt shams in solid colors complimentary to quilt colors.

Shams with a favorite quilt design (photo) will also work well as large floor pillows and quickly add nice detail to your home decor. 

Want a quick way to update an existing quilt?

Toss a complimentary lap quilt throw at the foot of the bed for a pop of color.

Change the throw with the seasons to easily update your room.

Remember lap quilt throws make wonderful wall hangings, another quick way to easily update a room.

That About Sizes It Up!